What does a Product Marketing Manager do?

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As discussed previously, great product marketing creates marketing strategies that drive business growth.

So what does that actually mean?

Let’s look at this in terms of both key product marketing responsibilities and the work that is undertaken to get there.

  • Conduct customer, market and competitive analysis — this includes analyzing market and competitive data, financials, sales and customer data, and product usage data (behavioral analysis). With this information, you would identify key improvement areas and opportunities for your product, marketing, and business and then create documents or presentations to communicate these ideas.

The details depend on your company’s specific product marketing role:

These are largely the responsibilities of most product marketing managers, but the balance of your work will be different based on priorities and the initiatives you are focused on in any given time. The balance of your work will also differ based on how product marketing is defined at your company as you may take on more or less hands-on roles in these areas or others. For example, you might be deeply involved in developing the marketing plan or this may be owned by a different team. Here’s a sample day-to-day in the life of a product marketing manager.

How does this description fit with what you have experienced as the role of product marketing managers?

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